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A-Z Turkish Products & Companies
  • kid clothing, kid clothings, kid garment, kid garments, kid textile, kid textiles, kid readywear, kid readywears, kid ready wear, kid ready wears, kid clothes, kid apparel, kid apparels, kids, kid, child, childs,
    In1991, founded by Niyazi YEDİKARDEŞLER, ALGİY COLLECTION was a textile company manufacturing and selling under modest conditions in those days. Today, it is one of the locomotive
    Telephone: +90 224 363 61 84 Address: Kazım KArabekir Mahallesi, Kuşlu Sokak No:13, Bursa, Turkey
  • belt, belts, leather belt, leather belts, suspender, suspenders, trouser hanger, trouser hangers, leather man belts, leather woman belts, leather kids belts, man belts, kids belts, woman belts, men belts, kid belts, women belts, leather men belts, leather women belts, leather kid belts, men leather belts, women leather belts, kids leather belts, leather man belt, leather woman belt, leather kids belt, man belt, kids belt, woman belt, men belt, kid belt, women belt, leather men belt, leather women belt, leather kid belt, men leath
    Founded in 2005 as a small workshop, Arkem Kemer has become one of the leading companies in the sector with investments made over time by ARGE and TECHNOLOGY. He does not
    Telephone: +90 507 818 69 69 Address: Merkezefendi Mah., Davutpaşa Cad. Yıldız Sk. No: 4/1 Kat: 3, Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Turkey
  • baby products, baby garments, baby textiles, baby clothings, baby shoes, baby ready wears, baby ready-to-wears, newborn baby clothes, baby clothes, newborn baby garments, newborn clothes, newborn garments, baby romper, baby t-shirts, kid's t-shirts, unisex t-shirts, baby muslin squares, gift satchels, baby product, baby garment, baby textile, baby clothing, baby ready wear, baby ready-to-wear, newborn baby cloth, baby cloth, newborn baby garment, newborn cloth, newborn garment, baby rompers, bab
    We manufacture and supply baby products, baby garments, baby textiles, baby clothings, baby shoes, baby ready wears, baby ready-to-wears, newborn baby clothes, baby clothes,
    Telephone: +90 224 365 00 37 Address: Kazımkarabekir Mah. Vişne Cad. No:119/121 A, Yıldırım, Bursa, Turkey
  • trout egg, trout kid, trout portion, feed, fisheries, water product, aqua product, water products, aqua products, feeds, water products, aqua products,
    With the trout production facility we established in 2008, our company has become a dominant player in trout production in the region by opening a new sector. With Keban and
    Telephone: +90 422 244 01 02, +90 422 244 01 10 Address: 2.OSB MH. 2.CD. NO:17, YEŞİLYURT, MALATYA, TURKEY
  • baby garments, baby clothings, baby items, baby materials, baby products, baby room furnitures, baby tools, baby toys, baby shoes, baby booties, baby slippers, baby sandals, baby blankets, baby socks, baby underwears, baby sweaters, baby vests, baby coats, baby towels, baby bathrobes, baby raincoats, baby snapsuits, snapsuits, babygro, bodysuits, diaper shirts, maternity wears, pregrant wears, baby mattresses, kids garments, kids clothings, kid wears, baby carriages, strollers, pushchairs, push
    We manufacture and supply baby garments, baby clothings, baby items, baby materials, baby products, baby room furnitures, baby tools, baby toys, baby shoes, baby booties, baby
    Telephone: +90 232 425 99 18 Address: Halitziya Bulvarı, No:25 A-B, Çankaya, İzmir, Turkey
  • heating elements, cooling elements, rope heaters, foil heaters, tubular heaters, flexible rope heaters, roll-bond evaporators, tube on sheet evaporators, exchanger units, refrigerator exchanger units, evaporators, exchangers, heating element, cooling element, rope heater, foil heater, tubular heater, flexible rope heater, roll-bond evaporator, tube on sheet evaporator, exchanger unit, refrigerator exchanger unit, evaporator, exchanger, bicycle, city bike, kid bike, aluminium bicyle frame, aluminium rim, aliminium handle bar, CYCLE, Grooved Tube, Formed Tube, Heat Pump Assembly, Powder Coated Aluminium Sheet, Serpentine, Tubular Heater, Tube End Forming, flexible heating elements, cable heating elements, tos evaporator, pot evaporator, no frost evaporatör, fin evaporator, powder coated aluminium sheets, condanser, multichannel aluminium profile, aluminium profile, aluminium, 1000 serıes aluminium tubes, tubes, aluminium tube, 3000-6000 series aluminium tubes, extruded tube, extruded aluminium, seat, seat post, bike, kid bikes, MTB, double suspension bike, cross bike, fat bike, bicycle frame, frame, aluminium frame, corelli, dacron, rim, fork, handle bar, seat post aliminium, coil alumiinium tube, gas ramps, heat pump, heat exchanger, korel, deep freeze, factory, straight length aluminium tube, alloyed aluminium tube, d shaped aluminium tube, grooved aluminium tube, muffler, silencer, Rollbond Evaporator, Accumulator, Foil Heater, Powder Coated Aluminium, Copper Evap&Condanser, Assembled Heating Elements, bıcycles, bicycles, bicycle manufacturers, e bike, e-bike, e-cycles, e-bicycle, e bicycle, aluminum, aluminium tubes, white goods, frames, bikesturkey, Bike Turkey, bıcycle, aluminuim alloy frameset, production, Cycles, robot aluminium welding, bikes and sales for Corelli Bikes, Fahrrad, Fahrradhersteller, Aluminium Fahrrad
    We are proud of being involved in the Turkish bicycle industry with the production techniques, knowledge and experience we have developed over the years in the field of aluminum
    Telephone: +90 222 236 08 26 Address: Org. San. Böl., 14. Cad. No: 18-20, Odunpazarı, Eskişehir, Türkiye
  • furnitures, teen room sets, teen room furnitures, kid's room sets, kid's room furnitures, home furnitures, house furnitures, mattresses, bunk beds, bunks, car shaped mattresses, bedsteads, bedsteads with mattresses, quilt cover sets, bedlinens, carpets, kid's room carpets, cabinets, orthopedic mattresses, beds, teen room cabinets, kid's room cabinets, tables, teen room tables, kid's room tables, furniture, teen room set, teen room furniture, kid's room set, kid's room furniture, home furniture,
    Our company was established in Bursa in 2012; It has taken its place among the outstanding companies of this sector in a short period of time by providing high quality and fast
    Telephone: +90 224 482 30 48 Address: Yaylacık Mahallesi, 35. Sok., No: 2/5, Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey
  • spare parts, bicycle, accessories, clothing, underwear, bicycle parts, bicycle spare parts, adult bicycle, kids bicycle, womens bicycle, lady bicycle, man bicycle, bicycle accessories, bike, mtb, mountain bike, city bicycle, kid bike, nets, net, bird net, protection net, sports net, fish net, pool net, tree net, safety nets, safety net, sports nets, indoor sports net, indoor net, outdoor net, agricultural nets, farm nets, playground nets
    All In Trade and Orbisat are an import & export company that provides goods world wide, supplying products from Turkey, Taiwan and
    Telephone: +90 212 693 55 40 Address: Söğütlüçeşme Mahallesi, halkalı caddesi, No:231, 1342951, Sefaköy, Küçükçekmece, İstanbul, Turkey
  • kid toys, summer toys, toys with battery, toys without battery, toys with chained, baby products, kid products, tricycle toys, educational toys, sports toys, toy trucks, play garden toys, rocking toys, cars with battery, trucks with battery, bikes with battery, toys without pedals, scooters, cars with chained, potty duck, seat cover adapter, bathtubs, baby high chair, baby exercisers, zipzip bouncer with hanger, basketball dart, skids, portable chairs
    The basis of our company was laid by deceased Yakup CETINALP in 1940s. Our manufacture journey which started with lead soldiers in those years reached its position of today by
    Telephone: +90 212 689 11 41 Address: Yeni Mah. Merkez Bucağı, D-100 Karayolu Caddesi, No:32, Büyükkarıştıran Beldesi, Lüleburgaz, Kırklareli, Turkey
  • socks, hoses, stockings, hosieries, men socks, women socks, children socks, kid socks, baby socks, cotton socks, modal socks, bamboo socks, viscose socks, wool socks, lycra socks, mercerized socks, towel socks, patterned socks, summer socks, winter socks, pantyhoses, sandals, 3d socks, baby slippers, ankle socks, sport socks
    Operating in socks production sector since 1995, our firm is one of the leading corporations of the sector with its 6000 m2 closed area, advanced technology use and experienced
    Telephone: +90 212 485 85 58 - 59 Address: Osmangazi Mah., 3141 Sok., No: 10-12/4, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • kid, toys, educational, robots
    Shanghai PartnerX Robotics Co., Ltd., the creator and leader of robotics partner, was founded in 1996. It was global pioneer of companies devoted to cutting-edge technology
    Telephone: +86 13361010279 Address: No. 2555, Hechuan Road, Shanghai, China
  • women knitted wear out, men knitted wear out, kid knitted wear out
    Men, Women and Kids Knitted Garments, Men, Women and Kid Knitted wear
    Telephone: +90 212 550 49 20 Address: Merkez Mh.Değırmenbahçe Cd. -Ayvaz Sk.No:2 Kat:3-4-5-6, Turkey
  • necklage, bracelet, earings, hand made product, gift, hand painted, kid necklage, kid bracelet
    Telephone: 00905322603745 Address: GOZTEPE MH CEVIZLI SOK NO2
  • apparel, baby clothes, baby fashion, children clothes, garment, kid wears, kids, trousers, wear
    one of the pioneers of the child s Clothing, Kids domains that trademark and business life began in 1985. In Bursa, world-class staff, our 70 years of covered area of 2000 square
    Telephone: +905452888979 Address: Selamet Mahallesi Kaymak Sokak No:50 Osmangazi, Bursa, Turkey
  • underwear, underwears, men underwear, men underwears, women underwear, women underwears, kids underwear, kid underwear
    Telephone: 0216-364 22 78 Address: Çakmak Mah.İkbal Cad.Cihan Sk.No:29/2Ümraniye, Turkey
  • bed clothes, bed linens, bed sheets, bedding clothes, home textile, kid's bed clothes
    Our company I&G Forma is manufacturing and supplying the finest quality bed linens all around the world. We would be delighted to see you as our customer and offer you our best
    Telephone: +90 212 567 74 19 Address: Altıntepsi Mah. Akpınar Cad No.59/A Bayrampaşa / İSTANBUL
  • kids, girl, clothes, blouse, tshirt, t-shirt, up to 12, from 2, shorts, short, kid
    Telephone: +90 544 5724344 Address: Burhaniye Mahallesi, Nesetbey Sokak, No:104 Üsküdar, ISTANBUL
  • shoes, kids shoes, child shoes, children shoes, kid shoes
    Telephone: 02126712207 Address: İkitelli Org.San.Böl Aykosan San.Siti B/Blok No 144 İkitelli/İst, Turkey
  • onigiri, shaped, pillow, kid, baby, children, room, toy
    Onigiriworkshop is a enterprising company which is design and produce toys and pillows for children.
    Telephone: 05464047490 Address: Istanbul
  • socks, woman socks, women socks, man socks, men socks, child socks, children socks, kid socks, kids socks, boy socks, girl socks, lady socks, male socks, female socks, sock, woman sock, women sock, man sock, men sock, child sock, children sock, kid sock, kids sock, boy sock, girl sock, lady sock, male sock, female sock, organic socks, diabetic socks, orthopedic socks, orthopaedic socks, mercerized socks, mercerised socks, lycra socks, medical socks, sport socks, custom socks, organic sock
    As Safa Textile we manufacture and supply socks, woman socks, women socks, man socks, men socks, child socks, children socks, kid socks, kids socks, boy socks, girl socks, lady
    Telephone: +90 356 715 75 21 Address: Erbaa Organized Industrial Zone, Beylikbükü St. No:28 Erbaa / TOKAT, TURKEY
  • slippers, man slippers, men slippers, women slippers, woman slippers, kids slippers, kid slippers
    Telephone: 0090 0212 629 31 41 Address: Esenler \ İstanbul, Turkey
  • flats, flip flops, kid slippers, men slippers, office chairs, office furniture, office seat groups, sandals, slippers, women slippers
    Dear Sir/Madam, We herewith would like to give you brief information about our company and hope to start a long-term collaboration. TAG International Trade & Consulting Company
    Telephone: +902164162666 Address: Abdulezel Pasa Sokak No: 10/11 Kozyatagi Kadikoy Istanbul, Turkey
  • underwear, underwears, men underwear, men underwears, women underwear, women underwears, kids underwear, kid underwear
    Velmod Enterprise is a leading exporting  company; offering  underwear, baby clothes and towel productsbased in Turkey, since 2006. Thanks to its established mutual
    Telephone: 2268121795 Address: Fevzi Cakmak No:44-4 , Turkey
  • underwear, underwears, men underwear, men underwears, women underwear, women underwears, kids underwear, kid underwear
    Telephone: +904167258600 Address: Karşıyaka Mah.4029 Sok No.23, Turkey
  • turkish towels, double face turkish towels, maxi turkish towels, small turkish towels, round turkish towels, terry turkish towels, handloom terry towels, throws, adult ponchos, kid ponchos, kimonos, bathrobes, accessories, baby towels
    Telephone: 902122845512 Address: ÇALIŞKAN SOK.NO:19/1ist- turkey
  • shoes, woman shoes, man shoes, kid shoes, children shoes, child shoes
    Telephone: +90532213481 Address: İstanbul, Turkey
  • bicycle, bicycles, bike, bikes, kid's bike, kid's bikes
    Hebei Skys Bicycle Co., Ltd is specialized in producing various kinds of children bicycle and bicycle parts for more than 10years . We supply the goods with competitive price
  • children's wear, children's clothing, children's ready wear, kids ready wear, kids tops, children's tops, t-shirt for kids, t-shirt for children, children's clothes, kids clothes, kids clothing, kidswear
    Our company is unique among boys 0-15 age group in the past to present complete customer satisfaction, stylish designs and models constantly renewed, is engaged in manufacturing
    Telephone: +90 212 558 70 55 / +90 212 679 25 24 Address: Bestelsiz Mh., 105/2 Sk., No: 48, Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, Turkey
  • children's wear, clothes for kids, clothes for men, homewear, kid's sportswear, ladies apparels, ladies clothing, ladies garments, ladies shirt, ladies wear, men's sportswear, menswear, pants, polo shirt, sportswear, sweatshirt, t-shirt, women's wear
    Having been established in Istanbul, Teverler Tekstil Ltd. manufactures; sports wear active wear polo- shirts t-shirts sweat shirts homewear for the well-known brand names
    Telephone: +90 216 499 66 71  Address: Yukari Dudullu Mh., Bostanci Yolu Cd., J2 Blok, No: 166, Keyap Sitesi, Umraniye, Istanbul, Turkey
  • furnitures, home furnitures, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, sofas, kid's rooms, carpets, beds, living room furnitures, teenager furnitures, cabinets, tv units, baby bed, baby beds, house furnitures, seating groups, sofa
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of home furnitures, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, carpets, beds.. We will be glad to your reliable and regular
    Telephone: +90 352 338 88 99 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 8. Cadde No:43 Melikgazi, Kayseri, Turkey
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