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  • hardware tools, hand tools, power tools, hardware, hardware products, allen keys, screwdriver, bits, ferret socket wrench, nippers, screwdriver, hammers, chisel, socket wrench, socket wrenchs, socket wrench keys, cornered socket wrench, universal mafsal, socket wrench bits set, star two-ended wrench, mikro pliers, adjustable pliers, nippers, craft knife, carpet knife, razor blade knife, stationery knife, box cutter
    Our company is one of the first hand-tool manufacturers of our country. In the hand tools sector, using the cutting edge technology, we produce about 2.000 kinda of hand tools.
    Telephone: +90 212 690 98 04 Address: Bağlar İçi Cad., No.: 85, Firuzköy, Avcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • paper baking cups, paper cake moulds, cake moulds, cake cups, cake boxes, cake display products, icing bags, cake decorative products, gel cups, petit beurre cups, oval cups, square cups, logo printed cups, muffin trays, roller cake molds, portion cake molds, souffle molds, rectangular cake molds, baton cake molds, round cake molds, tart cake molds, corner cake molds, star cake molds, paper cake molds, cake molds, paper baking cup, paper cake mould, cake mould, cake cup, cake box, cake display p
    BENSÜS Kağıt ve Ambalaj San. Ltd. Şti. İs a corporation engaged in and carrying out prduction of food packaging while prioritizing customer satisfaction, aiming constant
    Telephone: +90 212 567 67 93 Address: Maltepe Mah., Litros Yolu Sok., No: 3/1A, Topkapı, İstanbul, Turkey
  • automobile spare parts, automotive spare parts, auto spare parts, spare parts for heavy duty vehicles, spare parts for trucks, car spares parts, circulation gear, compressor gear, constant mesh gear, constant mesh gear, crown gear, daf spare part, drive shaft, fan drive gear, gear reductor, lorry spare part, man spare part, nitro cam gear, nut gear, ovardire gear, parts trucks, pinion gear, platetarry carrier, reverse gear wheel, reverse star gear, side gear exporter, brake disc, caliper repair
    Our company, manufacturing transmission organs and sprockets has a 30 years of experience in the sector gives service to our valuable customers as BUMEKS OTOMOTİV since 1994.
    Telephone: +90 532 697 85 54 / +90 332 345 09 13 Address: Büsan 3. Özel Org. San. Sit., Milenyum Cad. No: 20, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • fruits, vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, lemon, grapefruit, orange, mandarin, pomegranate, tomato, nectarines, peach, plum, apricot, apricot baby, apricot trintina, limon mayer, lemon enterdonato, lemon lamas, limon eureka, grapefruit ruby ​​red, grapefruit star ruby, grapefruit riored, grapefruit white marsh, orange navelina, orange washington navel, orange valencia, orange fukumoto, orange navelate, mandarin satsuma, mandarin dobeshi beni, mandarin mineola, mandarin nova, mandarin w murcott, mandarin freymont
    Cold chain logistics, fresh fruits and vegetables packing, cold storage, insurance, engineering an automobile are the sectors that the group companies are actively in. The group
    Telephone: +90 532 357 22 54 Address: Özgürlük Mah. 139. Cad. No: 19, Akdeniz, Mersin, Turkey
  • adjustable motor mounting, banded belts, bearings, conveyor belts, coupling, drum motors, eagle belts, rubber timing belt, special coated belts, sprocket, star type coupling, taper bush, timing pulley, v belt rubber, v pulley, variable speed pulley, welded timing belts, couplings, drums, banded belt, bearing, adjustable mountings, rubber timing belts, specaial coated belt, star types, welded timing belt, pulleys, belt rubbers, taper bushers
    SMT Machines; With expert staff during the production of more than 15 years, the first time in Turkey a combination of belt and pulley, with engineering services and technical
    Telephone: +90 212 671 47 77 Address: Ömerli Mah. Tunaboyu Sokak, No:1 F/1, Elektro 2000 San. Sitesi, No:6, Hadımköy, Arnavutköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • baby items, teats, pacifiers, nipples, baby bottles, soother holders, soothers, sippy cups, mother items, mom items, silicone teats, silicone soothers, feeding bottles, exercising bottles, products for babies, products for mothers, breast pumps, breast pads, silicone breast protectors, breast protectors, feeding spoons, nasal cleaners, soother chains, hot water bottles, baby powders, baby item, teat, pacifier, nipple, baby bottle, soother holder, soother, sippy cup, mother item, mom item, silico
    Star Bebe Ltd. Sti. started production in 1994 with StarBaby brand all with domestic capital. Star Bebe Ltd. Sti. it develops itself every year and presents its products produced
    Telephone: +90 212 222 22 55 Address: Kağıthane Caddesi Sevilen Sokak Star Han No:29/A, İstanbul, Turkey
  • biscuits, cakes, candies, coffees, caramel sauce cakes, cacao coated cakes, cakes with carame sauce, biscuit, cake, candy, coffee, caramel sauce cake, cacao coated cake, cake with carame sauce, cream filling cakes, cakes with cacao cream filling, cocoa sauce cakes, cakes with cocoa sauce, cacao sauce cakes, cakes with cacao sauce, cacao coated cakes, mozaic cakes, mozaic cakes with cocoa sauce, cocoa sauce mozaic cakes, petit beurre biscuits, petit beurre, cream filling cake
    As Star Biscuit we manufacture and supply biscuits, cakes, candies, coffees, caramel sauce cakes, cacao coated cakes, cakes with carame sauce, biscuit, cake, candy, coffee,
    Telephone: +90 507 736 60 35 --- +90 342 371 00 31 Address: Güneykent Mah., 102298 Nolu Cad., Vadi Evler Sit. C Blok Kat: 5/20, Şahinbey, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • pulleys, bushing pulleys, tapered bushes, horoscope, v pulleys, poly v pulleys, trigger pulleys, star couplings, couplings, footed couplings, elastic couplings, conical locks, locks, pulley, bushing pulley, conical bush, sign, v pulley, poly in the casket, trigger pulley, star coupler, coupling, footed coupling, elastic coupling, conical lock, lock
    ÜNSAL MAKİNA A.Ş. It was founded in 1969 in Kayseri. Our company which is an integrated facility within 10.000m2 area, POWER TRANSMISSION ORGANS; v pulleys, bushing pulleys, poly
    Telephone: +90 352 322 01 92 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 12. Cadde, NO: 53, Kayseri, Turkey
  • Telephone: +90 362 446 51 61 Address: Perecik Mh. 747. Sk. 9A, İlkadım, Samsun, Turkey
  • fruits, strawberry, greyfruit, apricots, cherry, lemon, mandarin, pomegranate, orange, peach, grapes, vegetables, capy, peppers, carliston, eggplant, cucumber, tomatoes, vegetable, fresh fruits
    Telephone: +90 362 446 51 61 Address: Derecik Mahallesi, 747. SOkak, 9-A, İlkadım, Samsun, Turkey
  • lames, ruby red, enterdonat, satsuma, shamouti, minneola, star ruby, lame, ruby reds, enterdonats, satsumas, shamoutis, minneolas, star rubys
    We are manufacturers and suppliers of lames, ruby red, enterdonat, satsuma, shamouti, minneola, star ruby, lame, ruby reds, enterdonats, satsumas, shamoutis, minneolas, star
  • electrical materials, electrical switches, electrical switch, switch, switches, on off switches, multi-step switches, welding machine switches, change over switches, motor control switches, star delta switches, reversing switches, two speed switches, spring switches, measuring switches, voltmeter switch, step commutator, cam switches, cam switch, multi step, multi steps, 7 steps, 3 steps, rotary switch
    OPAS will continue to share the pride of passing the 35-year period with you by improving the customer satisfaction and bringing innovation to the sector. As you know, OPAS
    Telephone: +90 262 658 23 51 Address: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Huzur Sokak, No:5/A Çayırova, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • printing services, printing service, paper, packaging, papers, packagings
    In 1992; STAR Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Ş. entered in the flexible packaging market investing in over ten years of experience and know-how with their entrepreneurial and innovative
    Telephone: +90 216 394 04 33 Address: İstanbul Organize Deri Sanayi Bölgesi, C2-3 Parsel, Orhanlı, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • ......
    Telephone: +90 216 583 07 77 Address: Velibaba Mah. Tuncel Sok. No:14 Pendik - İSTANBUL Turkey
  • Telephone: +90 212 274 59 20 - 21 Address: Balmumcu Barbaros Bulvarı, Koç. Apt. 151/2, 34330, Beşiktaş, İstanbul, Turkey
  • History: Over the past 10 years we have involved from a family business, focused primarily on the production of industrial, safety, welding, leather gloves, welding
    Telephone: 92-52-4564387 Address: Nawan Pind P.O Chitti Sheikhan
  • textile
    Telephone: +905343193559
  • magnetic contactor, thermal overload relays, ac magnetic starter, star delta starter
    Riken Electric Co. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of protection and controlling equipments for electrical application and electricity systems in Taiwan. Riken was
    Telephone: 886-2-22225100 Address: No.59, Jinhe Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 235
  • food, beverages, cosmetic, baby products, cleaning products, sanitary products, building products, electronic, furniture, wood products, giftware, jewelry, kitchenware, glassware, medical products, healthcare products, pharmaceutical
    Ste Star Link Distributor
    Telephone: +22964586376 Address: 694 Missebo Market Cotonou, Benin.
  • mdf, particle board, chipboard, high gloss panels
    COMPANY PROFILE Verde Star Dis Ticaret A.S. is founded by Akartas Yatırım Holding in order to supply wood based products all over the world. Verde Star has a wide range of
    Telephone: +902164888201 Address: Postane mah. Rauf Orbay Cad. No:5 Tuzla / Istanbul
  • energy, mining, technology
    Telephone: 90(212) 3114400 Address: AYAZMA CAD.PAİRUS PLAZA N:37 K:12 KASIMPAŞA KAĞITHANE İSTANBULturkey
  • trash food processing, food recycling, trash food recycling
    Telephone: 90(507)589 12 94 Address: ADRES: KÜLTÜR MAH.1388 SOK.NO:6/9 KONAK İZMIRturkey
  • garment, clothing, ready wear
    Telephone: 905552254633 Address: 31.SK.NO:13/Bist turkey
  • food, foodstuff
    Telephone: 90228 216 02 16 Address: 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Gazi Bulvarı No:10 Merkez/Bilecik- turkey
  • kitchenware, homeware, glassware
    Telephone: 90212 245 80 53 Address: NECATİBEY CADDESİ NO: 72 KARAKÖY / İSTANBUL- turkey
  • iron, iron joinery
    Telephone: 90312 484 52 83  Address: Ankara - Turkey
  • jewellery, jewelry
    Telephone: 90 (212) 522 4270 Address: Taya Hatun Mah.Tığcılar Cad. Pastırmacı Han N:7/7/301-302 Mercan 34080 Fatih / İstanbul turkey
  • jewellery, jewelry
    Telephone: 90 (212) 458 7276 Address: Binbirdirek Mah. Peykhane Cad. No:4 Giriş Kat Çemberlitaş Eminönü/Cağaloğlu Fatih / İstanbul turkey
  • garments, clothings, ready wears
    Telephone: 902124525013 Address: FATİH CD.MUŞTU SK.NO:22ist turkey
  • jewellery, jewelry
    Bona Gold is established by Boğos Sıradağ at Grand Bazaar in 1994. It is producing jewellery from different carats (9,10,14,18,21) with high quality and stylish design approach.
    Telephone: +90 212 603 05 91 Address: Yenibosna Merkez Mh. Ladik Sk. Kuyumcukent Atölye Bloğu, No:4, Kat:5, D:5250, Bahçelievler, İstanbul, Turkey
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